Digital classrooms are revolutionizing the educational sector. Equipped with modern tools, the interactive classrooms offer a friendly environment to the students where they can clear all their concepts in one go while having fun in the process. The widespread exposure of today’s youth to varying forms of digital technology and gadgets has made them accustomed to using such methods for education as well. We have provisioned for digital classrooms to mould our delivery according to the students’ needs and requirements which further enhances student interest and maximizes learning outcomes of the course as well. Their relative ease with such methods boosts retention of the studied material and augments their involvement, which is very crucial in today’s demanding academic scenario. The teachers prepare their lectures in the multi-media format to integrate with the digital classroom infrastructure. This also boosts student-teacher interaction and lays the groundwork for greater collaboration and communication between the two. Digital classrooms thus, are essentially smart classrooms of the future.