The Students Development Program at Zeal Junior College has a number of agendas, at the center of each sits the student whom we seek to empower and remodel through this program. It covers everything from self-assessment and career counseling to career development, planning, decision-making and its ultimate implementation. With the plethora of options available to the student today, it is not surprising if they get confused and feel lost in a seemingly tangled maze. We approach the situation keeping in mind the mental state of the student and seek to help them out in every way possible.

It all starts with knowing oneself and the strengths and gifts we possess. Once the student is through with this self-assessment, the road ahead clears out to a large extent. We then guide the students and counsel them regarding the various career options and how to cherry-pick the best one for them. What follows is the planning and decision-making phase which is relatively easier now given the new-found clarity in the students’ minds. In this manner, we make our sincere attempts to manifest the all-round development of the students in the best way possible.