1. Study skills development program
Simply cramming up the study material is not of any utility unless the student grasps the core of the concept. The interest for the topic at hand needs to be kindled in the student. These are some of the focal points we endeavor to cultivate through the Study Skills Development Program.

2. Motivation and goal setting
The skills and talents of a student stand to be wasted if they are not motivated enough to pursue them with zeal. We seek to instill and imbibe motivation as a core habit in the student such that they feel invincible from within in terms of confidence to reach the zenith of one’s goal. We also make efforts to impart clarity regarding the goal-setting process which is something the students would find immensely useful long after their academic life is over.

3. Time management
Managing one’s time well is as crucial as knowing what drives you because unless we learn to use our time well, all our efforts would be in vain. Each individual has the same 24 hours in a day, but how each one uses them is what makes them stand apart. We seek to create leaders of and for tomorrow with unbeatable time management skills and the motivation to scale the highest peaks.

4. Memory techniques
Memory enhancement is widely regarded as of use only during examinations to recall facts and figures. While it is essential for academic purposes too, we need to have a good memory for numerous other things as well such as remembering passwords and locations and other random important details. Thus, while the memory techniques we teach the students will be of immediate use to them in their academics, they are sure to remember and implement them for a lifetime.

5. Meditation, relaxation, heart fulness program
Meditation and other relaxation techniques have immense power and benefit beyond the obvious. It helps to strengthen the immune system among its many miraculous effects. We are aware that the academic life can be stressful for the students hence we seek to make them healthy from within and out by engaging them in various meditation, relaxation, and heartfulness routines through the year.

6. Health and hygiene awareness
It is equally important to be hygienic as it is to be healthy. In reality, both are closely related, one reinforcing the other. Through the health and hygiene awareness initiatives, we seek to instill in our students the significance of being healthy and hygienic and adopting these practices as part of a lifestyle.

7. Security and safety awareness session
The students have led a fairly shielded life during their school days. Now that they are out of that safe environment, it leaves them exposed and makes them vulnerable in the face of unforeseen threats and situations. Through the security and safety awareness sessions, we seek to make the students fearless and empower them to face any situation.

8. Self-actualization and self-worth
Self-actualization is the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potential to the fullest extent possible. This is the guiding principle behind all our Students Development Programs as we seek to build not just successful professionals but also individuals with a sense of purpose and a drive to achieve them. All this is not possible if not for a positive self-worth, which is basically having a good level of self-esteem. These are broadly the main objectives behind the self-actualization and self-worth sessions conducted.